Virality is now open: A brief overview of what to expect

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April 14, 2022

Finally reached the point where Virality is open and ready for everyone. While there are numerous options for creating a blog, Virality is built for a specific goal. To share product updates openly, without any possible friction. This is a brief overview of what to expect.


The first and most prominent feature of any blog is the way you publish posts. In Virality we tried to go with the simplest way possible and maintain versatility. This means that you can just write, without thinking or worrying about styling. When you need to create a link, emphasize something or add a title you'll be able to do so without thinking. Even though it's a new system and there will be constant improvements, the most common shortcuts are already activated and you can even use markdown.

Removing Friction

The second problem we encountered was the content. Writing is hard since there are a million ways to make your point. The truth is that it doesn't matter that much. Just post your update and inform the people who care about your product of what they gain and what to expect. While it's easier said than done, this led to removing drafts completely, as they just destroy momentum, demand more effort and end up a graveyard of half-baked ideas. Then we turned our attention to the blog design itself which creates expectations and sets specific demands. While most of the time you could write quite a bit for what you've built or designed, many times you'll just want to get the update out there. So with the new and improved design your content will look professional, no matter the size.

Improving Reach

The next step was to improve the odds of reaching out as many interested users as possible. That meant to spent quite some time optimizing the metadata that are crucial for SEO and social sharing. And while most platforms pretty much take care of the texts, the images are a time consuming part that is also crucial. Your product and your team's work are judged by potential readers by their covers. 😜 That's why we've created a system that generates the meta images and we're already working on expanding it and allowing further customization. With every other part taken care of, you can just write the update, add a title and publish.

Your Blog

While we are not aiming for the company / startup blog but for the product team blog, you will find a fully-fledged blog with a proper RSS feed, with categories that are visually appealing, your brand color (improved for accessibility) and other out-of-the-box features that will ensure you get great Lighthouse scores and rank as high as possible with search engines while standing out on social media.


This post turned out longer so it's best to try Virality for yourself and see how it can help you share your progress. The only tip we can give is try to post consistently and write about what the value you offer your users and your work. If you want reach out at @anges244 and let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks for reading!

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