Starting Over

December 2, 2021

After months of work building a complete blogging platform, we have decided to erase everything and restart Virality from scratch.

It’s easy to consider every standard blogging feature as necessary. To get lost adding as many as possible. The end result? Another application that is more or less the same as the ones we didn’t want to use initially.

So we had to stop thinking about the type of product we were supposed to be building. We had to return to the problem we initially set out to solve. To make posting updates a more natural and comfortable experience for product people and teams. There are certain expectations that make the blogging process tedious and weigh heavily. Eliminating those and providing the necessary features to express ideas and progress are more than enough for us. Not as creators but as users of our own product. Hopefully that will be the case for many more people and teams.

Even in this initial stage, using this new version is refreshingly exciting for us. And we are getting close to finally releasing it. This restart also allows us to adjust pricing and make it more affordable for everyone. But more on that soon! For now, this post will serve as a guide for Virality and the true purpose we are building it for.

If you are interested to learn more, you can stay updated at @GotVirality.

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