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March 23, 2021
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In this initial post, I can finally share what I've been working on for quite some time now. It's called Virality and it's a blogging platform for startups and businesses.

This practically means that the Virality blogs are optimized for growth. To actually support your user or customer acquisition, to help you and your product gain visibility and reach its potential.

A different kind of blog

Although it's too early to discuss specifics, there are a few standards that every modern blog should have and we've already added these.

All Virality blogs run on a serverless architecture, with the latest web technologies and powered by a Global Edge Network. That ensures super fast loading times like a static blog, handling traffic spikes and perfect Lighthouse scores without any effort on the user's part.

Additionally, automatic image optimization, extra focus on accessibility, cookie-less analytics without annoying banners, advanced design and branding options to fully match your main product and many other necessary features that you'll get at any plan.

The goal is to help companies that are providing value, reach their audience and their potential without spending time doing peripheral activities. And blogging should be done right because the benefits are too great to neglect. So making sure you and your team's effort will count, is the best possible way to establish an actual content strategy process.

A successful formula

In this product, I'm excited to be working with Katerina Limpitsouni again. We've been collaborating on unDraw with amazing results. Now that is has surpassed half a million users, we're both eager to drive Virality forward too and having her fully on-board has worked wonders in the design features of this platform.

Getting access

So I'm super happy to be able to talk openly about this and soon we'll be in the position of inviting teams to use it. However, we are focused on this for the long run and we want to take it to the level we know it can reach. That's why access will be restricted to specific teams and businesses that need this kind of blog and can benefit greatly by Virality.

If you think your startup, team or business fits that criteria, feel free to check it out and apply for access!

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